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Started to provide customs clearance service in 1990, our company stepped into logistics and offers air, sea, road and combined transport services. With wide network of agencies in many locations around the world, specialized staff and competitive prices, we generate reliable transport solutions.

Thanks to its 23-year of experience, our company adopted the basic principle of becoming the trusted brand in the sector with continuous improvement, customer-oriented service concept, innovative solutions and technological investments.


We provide full-time, competitive, fast, high-quality and reliable service and best pricing policy for your import/export operations by air thanks to our wide, strong and advanced network of agencies in about 150 countries in 7 continents mainly Europe, Asia, America and Australia.
Our goal is to become your first choice all the time with the alternative freights, airliner and payment options that you will offer in line with the requirements of your company. As a result of our agreements with main airliners, all your necessary operations are carried out with support from a professional team prior to and after the service.

Our Services:

* Delivery from airport to airport
* Delivery from airport to door
* Charter
* Hazardous Material Transport
* Door to Airport
* Door to Door
* Delivery to door including customs clearance
* Combined transport (Sea + Air, Truck + Air)
* Consolidation


Headquartered in Istanbul, our company provides service in main ports of Turkey such as İzmir, Mersin and Gemlik. Thanks to our wide network of agencies abroad, we strive to provide our customers with reliable and high-quality services through competitive freights and specialized staff.

Our Services

* FCL and LCL cargo transport
* Port to Port – Door to door service
* Customs clearance services
* Storage services


Road services is the Complete/Partial brand product that you will use for your import/export operations to all European countries through over 23 years of experience and wide network of agencies of Emir Gümrükleme ve Lojistik.

Our Services

* Weekly groupage service to all European countries
* Complete truck service to all European countries
* Door-to-door delivery or warehouse delivery in all countries
* Hanger Textile loading
* Transfer
* Overseas customs clearance services


Offering project-based flexible solutions for its customers, Emir Gümrükleme ve Lojistik maintains its services with continuous investments in project transport sector.
Thanks to our current infrastructure and experience, our goal is to become a solution partner of our esteemed customers in project transport of any capacity for iron, steel, power plants, refineries, mines, railway and road construction machines and equipment and your investment projects.

Our Services:

* Ship/Airplane Charter (part charter/full charter industrial project cargo transport)
* International Road Transport that requires special equipment
* Domestic Transport Solutions that requires special equipment
* Feasibility/Road Study prior to Transport
* Loading/Unloading Solutions with Shore Crane
* Port and Storage Services
* Certified Lashing (L/S/D) Services
* Cost advantages with cargo optimization
* Service access to all points around the world thanks to project agent network
* Specialized staff in Energy (Oil and gas), defense industry, telecom and industrial machine sectors.